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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

My name is Janet Abiba Yennusick. I’m a final year Law student from Ireland and I created a law blog called Yennusick Legal Corner where I discuss matters related to the law and the power to think positive on how to lead, to live and to pursue your legal career in a positive fashion.

Before beginning my legal career, I thought I knew everything there is to know about being a lawyer. And no wonder why – I had watched so many episodes of Judge Judy and I felt like I could easily do her job. I mean, we just must look at the movie, Legally Blonde. I’m sure some of us can relate – Elle Woods is every female lawyer’s idol!

Unfortunately, I had the wrong idea. Of course, you could watch every episode of Suits, Criminal Minds and Judge Judy under the sun, but the truth is... You don’t really know.

Naturally, I wanted to become a lawyer. Having the authority, ability and confidence to act as an advocate and represent a client’s case seemed appealing to me (all whilst still looking stylish) and learning about how the law applies to our everyday lives, it was definitely something that I thought I could do.

My legal career officially began in 2016 when I did a course in Law which then allowed me to enter a 3-year Honours Degree Law programme in Dublin, Ireland. Truth be told, it was a total shock to my system when I realised that what I had seen on the TV was NOT what you would expect upon sitting in on your first law lecture. There is also an expectation on you to do well coupled with a presumption that because you study law, that automatically qualifies you to be ‘the smart one’.

But the reality is this– most of us are just trying our best and hoping to get by.

Why? Because law school is not easy. It is demanding, it is tiring and there are times where you feel like giving up. There will be days where you stay up and you’ll have to survive on energy drinks and lack of sleep. And every law student has faced this or will face it at some point.

But that is life. With anything and everything that we do, we are going to face difficulties. Nothing in life comes easy. Because if everything were so easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Without a doubt, this applies to Law all the same. Studying Law is a challenging feat; however, it is also a rewarding one too. It challenges us to think beyond the box. It challenges us to be the best version of ourselves. It can be challenging when you are trying to sort out a legal issue and you can’t find the answer but eventually – You will get there.

One of my favourite Legal websites is Lawyer Stories where various lawyers and attorneys within the legal community share their legal stories on how they came to study Law in the United States of America. Reading and knowing of their own perspectives are comforting to me. To know that the shocks and fears and nerves that I had when I first started studying law was a shared experience that many other legal personnel felt too; I discovered that I was not the only one.

If you could take 5 minutes out of your day to read one of these short stories, they are truly worth your time as they are inspirational and interesting to read!

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