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Concerned Citizen, BY: Muskaan Bangani

Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Pride and Envy are the seven cardinal sins mentioned in the holy bible . And the species ‘homo sapiens’ has left no stone upturned in proving that it is governed by these sinful vices. In the mad race for money, sex, and fame, humans have left behind the lively virtues of Generosity, Chastity, Asceticism, Zeal, Forgiveness, Humility and Admiration. We call ourselves ‘human’ because we believe we are intelligent beings, made of flesh, blood and bone; possess the innate ability to feel, emote, speak and express .

However, we fail to realize that it is this misplaced sense of ‘ownership’ of everything around us, that has led to human beings being reduced to becoming lesser mortals. It is our impropriety and foolish pride that is turning man against man, man against animal, and man against nature. Man made ‘afflictions’ like Poverty, Disease, Social Inequality, War, Famine, Violence, Pollution, Rape, Murder, Corruption and Over Population have now become the order of the day. Governments are not driven by the idea of service but by political parties in their greed for accumulating enormous wealth through power. The picture with respect to the animal kingdom is more pathetic. Eon after eon, mankind has exploited animals and their kind for livestock slaughter, hunting; game, cattle rearing, entertainment, recreation, transportation for using their hides to make leather in tanneries, as beasts of burden, for cosmetic product testing, as specimens in laboratories, for vaccine trials, and so much more.

As a concerned citizen, I, Muskaan Bangani, believe that my choice to pursue LAW as a career at Mody University of Science and Technology, is a step in the direction of educating, empowering and emancipating myself and other citizens from all evils created by man, thereby preventing further destruction to our social fabric and ethos, and rescuing man, animal and nature from the destruction unleashed by man himself. An internship is an integral part of the entire learning process. I have interned in one of India’s top law firms as well as under a respected judge of the High Court of Kolkata. These experiences have helped

me understand the perspectives of both lawyers and judges. I continue to observe, absorb and apply my understanding of the legal structures and mechanisms to improve on the work that is expected of me.

Muskaan Bangani

Law Student


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