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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

You’re a lawyer? This is the reaction I get all the time from people who don’t know me.  You could say I am the real life Elle Woods, only as a brunette.  My former assistant used to call me Legally Brunette.  Today I find it awesome and I love throwing people off.  There was a time however, as a young lawyer, when I didn’t know how I was going to ever fit in with a profession that is so conservative.  As a young lawyer I tried the boring grey suit as I felt I had to look a certain way. Fast forward to today, I am likely Canada’s most fashionable lawyer, running a fashion and beauty blog, YoutTube channel called “FashionJustice TV” and a beauty company called "Glam by Pina.”  It’s important in life, as it is in the legal profession, to be authentic.  In life, this means wear that hot pink suit to the office, if that’s who you are.  In the legal profession, it means practising or working in a legal space that is aligned with your personality. I have seen so many lawyers working in roles and practise areas where they struggle, and life is too short to suffer. For example, if you are a lawyer practising litigation and you do not like to argue or hate confrontation, you will despise litigating and going to work every day. I mentor many law students and young lawyers and the one piece of advice I always give them, is know yourself as a person first, and then align your personality to your legal profession.  As Steve Jobs said, if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.

Pina Di Biase

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