The Evolution of Lawyer Stories

I launched the Lawyer Stories Instagram page because we all have a story. When I talk to other lawyers, I often find myself not asking them about their cases, but rather asking about their successes along the way to becoming attorneys, challenges they have encountered and their views about the legal profession.

My idea was to create a gallery of attorneys and law students and recount their stories in the form of a narrative. Thus far, the page has evolved into gallery of diverse individuals connecting and sharing their stories on a social media platform that is developing into a truly inspiring community. Connecting with legal professionals from all around the country and internationally has been an uplifting and motivating experience, especially during our country's current social and political climate.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, commented, followed and engaged with Lawyer Stories in a positive way. Please tell a friend or two about Lawyer Stories and send me a direct message if you would like to learn more about being featured or if you'd like to connect for any other reason.

Peace & Love,

Benjamin R. Gold, Esq.

Founder, Lawyer Stories

Licensed in CT/ME/MA

IG: @Bennyrgold

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