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I launched the Lawyer Stories Instagram page because we all have a story. When I talk to other lawyers, I often find myself not asking them about their cases, but rather asking about their inspiration & motivation along the way to becoming attorneys, challenges they have encountered and their views about the legal profession. My idea was to create a gallery of attorneys and law students and recount their stories in the form of a narrative.


First started on Instagram in July 2017, the community has evolved into a global network of diverse lawyers and law students connecting and sharing their stories on a social media platform that is developing into a truly inspiring community. 


Personally connecting with legal professionals from all around the country and internationally has been an uplifting and motivating experience, especially during our country's current social and political climate. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, commented, followed and engaged with Lawyer Stories in a positive way.

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Featured Story

Marina Biragova

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As far back as I can recall, I knew I was going to be a lawyer. I vividly remember being convinced of my calling, even though as a child,  I wasn’t exactly introspective enough to articulate the precise factors which led me to a career in law. This kind of passion has shaped my life in many unmanageable ways including getting my Juris Doctorate with the highest honors before I turned 22, and moving across the globe to practice law at a place where the rule of law is paramount; where my determination and hard work have a chance of reaching people whose lives may be touched.


Today, I lead the Technology and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Southern University Law Center. My Clinic plays a vital role in delivering access to social and economic justice for underrepresented community groups, minority-owned companies, and women-led enterprises. We are extremely proud to have been able to support over 200 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs over the last 3 years, and to have had such an impact not only on individual businesses but on the wider economic landscape. I also greatly enjoy my role as an educator and mentor. There is a certain point in most teaching interactions where the students you are working with get just as excited about operating agreements and trademarks as you are. These moments provide the kind of positive reinforcement that keeps me coming back to work each day.


Marina Biragova @marina_biragova

Attorney and Adjunct Professor @southernu_lawcenter #sulc